BLOGMAS (day 19)

Todays blog is going to be some more cheesy jokes.

Q: A guy drove past me in his car and threw a lump of cheddar at me.

A: I thought to myself ‘That’s mature’

Q: Why was the cheesemonger lopsided?

A: Because she only had one Stilton

Q: Why can’t you make clothes out of cheese?

A: Because fromage frays

Q: WHat’s a pirates favourite cheese?


Q: What’s the most religious cheese?

A: Swiss, because it’s holy

Q: How do you get a mouse to smile?

A: Say Cheese

Q: What did the cheese salesman say?

A: That cheese may be Gouda, but this one is Feta!

Q: What do you call cheese that’s sad?

A: Blue cheese

Q: When shouldn’t you believe what your cheese is saying to you?

A: When it is too Gouda to be true

Q: What can you do with a cheesy credit card?

A: Go on a shopping brie

Q: Why don’t cheese fans care about their finances?

A: because the best things in life are brie

BLOGMAS (day 18)

aka BLUEMAS (day 1)


Welcome to the first ever edition of Bluemas. (Did you like what I did there?)

Anyone else getting excited for Christmas? I’m looking forward to spending it with 84 and her family.

I’ve already made friends with the elves – Eddie and Eira, they report back to the North Pole magically each night, so I’m being extra specially good. It’s quite easy really, all I have to do is do as I’m told and clean my teeth and claws at least twice a day. I did try flossing my claws but ended up getting all tangled, maybe I should have just stuck to flossing my teeth.

Blue’s Christmas cracker:

What do you call an old snowman?


That’s it for the first edition of Bluemas.

Love Blue x

BLOGMAS (day 17)

Today I had another very busy day. It started off with helping out at a carol service for the year 7s at my school where we sang hymns such as ‘Hark the Herald’, ‘O little town of Bethlehem’, ‘Away in a manger’, ‘Once in Royal David City’ and finally, ‘Come all ye faithful’. This was a very short service before I got back to school for my physics lesson.

Scout Troop Family Christmas Evening

After school, my Scout Troop had a fun Christmas evening. We played a reindeer race game (where dice were thrown for each reindeer and the amount it could move) as well as bidding on the reindeer. Each run we bet on one or two reindeer and we also owned the Reindeer “Baby horse doo doo doo …” – which my dad is constantly singing Baby Shark, but unfortunately we did not win with this Reindeer.

Another game which was played was card bingo where hearts kept being called out and in our run we had no heart cards or picture cards. Also, there was a quiz on our leaders where we had to name the leaders from photos as well as other celebrities including Bear Grylls and Lord Robert Baden Powell. Finally, there was a raffle which out of over 50 prizes, we won the 42 prize (half of 84 I may add) and got ourselves some chocolate! We then returned home for some well earned cups of tea.

BLOGMAS (day 16)

Today was another one of my friends birthdays so happy birthday to her! We also got given hot chocolate at break which was pretty nice (none of the watery hot chocolate)!

Also today at Beavers was a Christmas themed night. We decorated foam Christmas trees, played snowball egg and spoon races as well as coloured in Christmas cards. I also created a mosaic art.

I then went to a young leader meeting in the evening where I finished my modules and then we played some Christmas games. We played musical chairs, blind man’s bluff as well as table football. We got given lots of sweets for winning games and there were only 3 of us. It was a very good evening.

BLOGMAS (day 15)

Today I helped at the Beaver District Christmas Party. This was in the afternoon. There were many different activities to part take in.

Once my Beaver unit arrived, we sat and wrote letters to Father Christmas. We then played snap before creating reindeer decorations. This was followed by a one hundred piece puzzle which the Beavers completed very quickly. Next was pin the nose on the reindeer and then it was reindeer ring toss. The Beavers then had a Christmas photo shoot with different props.

During the rotation of activities, there was also musical statues and musical bumps being played as well as some food at the end. It was an enjoyable afternoon and now I am back to revising for my Chemistry test as well as completing my Mathematics homework.

BLOGMAS (day 14)

Well would you believe it I’ve made it to day 14.

Today I got yet another badge to sew onto my never decreasing pile of badges.

You might have seen from my instagram that I went to see Frozen II at the cinema this morning. I joined Mum84 and her Rainbows for Elsa’s Enchanted Movie Screening.
It was a great film and I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

A big shout out to Girlguiding who arranged the special screening and especially to a neighbouring division’s Commissioner for arranging a local screening for us.

Everyone who attended our screening received an Elsa’s Enchanted Movie Badge.

BLOGMAS (day 13)

So today is Friday the 13th which is considered unlucky (and how it was very much so today). We woke up to the election results which we’re predictable however, this morning in form there was a debate happening over the results. This was then proceeded by our usual quiz which was actually pretty good with us getting quite a few answers correct.

The first lesson was a test which went better than expected and then after break I had a Physics practical. This did not go very well as we connected our equipment in series rather than parallel and so had to redo our pratical in 10 minutes. I then had a careers talk before then having my first Librarian session in year 12.

After this, I had a rehearsal for the concert tonight which went pretty well. Then I had to pop into a shop on the way home where I needed to buy some pencils which I couldn’t find for an activity tomorrow.

Once home, I raced to get back out again to school (shoutout to sis84 for cooking me eggs), where I needed to fold 1000 + raffle tickets as well as helping to set up before taking part in the concert. I sang the traditional Boars head carol as well as Christmas in about 3 minutes …

It was then around time for act 2 which was a play all about the history of Christmas and then I could go home. However, there were some biscuits left over which reminded me of the Netherland unit ‘speculazen’ whom were camped next to out Florida buddy unit – way back on the Jamboree.

I will see y’all tomorrow for another BLOGMAS.

BLOGMAS (day 12)

Today is the day of another General election for the UK with it being the third one held within 5 year. At my school, it was the talk of the day and we have had a mini polling station to find out the Political opinions within the school.

At lunch, I voted in the hall where we got given mini polling cards. As the card did not tell us how to fill in the box, I put a cat in my box. The results were then in by the end of the day and concluded with; Labour (220), Conservitives (126) and Green Party (94).

A couple of week ago, the candidates for our area came in for a mini debate. We had someone from Labour, Conservatives and Green party all come to answer our years questions and unfortunately the Liberal Democrats candidate was unable to come. It was a really great debate and we were able to hear all about the plans each candidate wanted for our area. I wanted to ask about whether if the candidates were unable to vote for there own party who would they vote for and why. However, I was unable to ask my question due to us running out of time. The Labour and Conservative candidates were both getting pretty argumentative but overall, everyone was fairly relaxed.

I am very excited to see the results tommorrow due to this election be very important.

BLOGMAS (day 11)

In honour of todays BLOGMAS, I am going to tell you a few of my favourite cheese jokes. A few of them are from Dad84s cheese advent calendar. Most of the jokes are pretty cheesy.

Q: What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror?

A: Halloumi

Q: Did you hear about the fire at the cheese factory?

A: There was lots of de Brie

Q: Which hotel do mice stay in?

A: The Stilton

Q: Which cheese would you use to coax a bear down a tree?

A: Camembert

Q: What cheese do you use to disguise a horse?

A: Mascarpone

Q: Which cheeses is used to surround a Medival Castle?

A: Moatzerella

Q: How do you handel a dangerous cheese?

A: Caerphilly

BLOGMAS (day 10)

Todays BLOGMAS is the answers for yesterday’s Christmas Songs Quiz. It’s my school Christmas Concert on Friday so I’ve been humming lots lately.

1) Away in a Manger

2) Hark the Herald angels sing

3) I heard the bells on Christmas day

4) Joy to the World

5) Good King Wenceslas

6) Little drummer boy

7) Take me home, Country Roads (it’s definitely not a Christmas carol but it is a good song and you needed a challenge!)

8) Little Donkey

9) We three kings

10) O come all ye faithful