On the 15th of January, Why Don’t We released their new album called ‘The Good Times and The Bad Ones’. Here is my review of each song on their album.

1) Fallin’ – 7/10. This song would receive a higher ranking except I have been listening to it since it’s release in September non stop. It is an upbeat song with live percussion.

2) Slow Down – 10/10. I could listen to this song on repeat all day long. It is really addicting and the tune is inspired by samples from The Smashing Pumpkins January 1996 track ‘1979’ where in the music video, Why Don’t We have included Easter eggs.

3) Lotus Inn – 8/10. The whole concept of this song is about turning back time to ‘do it all over again’ due to them staying at the Lotus Inn. The Lotus Inn reminds me of the Lotus Hotel and Casino in the Percy Jackson series. Why Don’t We teased this song by creating a website for their song as promo.

4) Be Myself – 10000/10. This song speaks for itself by just listening to the lyrics. It discusses anxiety and the feelings you may get. I find this song really beautiful to listen to as mental health is important to speak about. Whilst I am now in a 3rd national lockdown, it is important to remember to speak out about our feelings and we are never alone.

5) Love Song – 9/10. Every good album needs a love song and this one fits perfectly with the whole albums aesthetic. It is very upbeat and the chorus is really simple but effective as a whole.

6) Grey – 8/10. When I say this song is simple but beautiful, it really is. I love how thought out the melody is with the lyrics. It fits perfectly together and is completely different to the other songs on their album. I can imagine a really nice, solemn lyrical dance being choreographed to this song.

7) For you – 7/10. It is another amazing song on the album with lots of layers throughout. The pre-chorus really reminds me of one song though I cannot pinpoint which song yet.

8) I’ll be okay – 11/10. Imagine the movie credits rolling and this song will fit perfectly. Within the song, the lyrics mostly represent the albums name. I have given this song a bonus point for the line “But once you light a fire, it’s gonna burn” as it reminds me of Scout camps.

9) Look at me – 6/10. The lyrics are not my cup of tea but the tune is really cool and gives off groovy vibes.

10) Stay – 8/10. It is a lovely song to finish the whole album together and wraps up the whole albums vibes perfectly.

BLOGMAS – Christmas food rankings

In today’s blog I will be ranking my typical Christmas dinner giving a my views on each item.

Pigs in blankets – 100/10 these are a stable to a British Christmas dinner where they only appear upon the 25th of December. For anyone who does not live in Britain, this dish is sausages wrapped in bacon.

Roast potatoes – 10/10 when made perfectly they are crispy on the outside being fluffy in the centre.

Cranberry sauce – 9/10 game changing to add a new flavour onto your plate.

Roasted parsnips – 9/10 parsnips are just below roasties due to being just as tasty but never as elite as roast potatoes.

Sage and Onion Stuffing – 9/10 stuffing brings the plate together and is my job to make on Christmas. The secret is to add butter to make it 10x better.

Gravy – 8/10 it is standard for a Sunday roast and adds a good flavour however, sometimes it can be too watery of too thick.

Turkey – 8/10 without this, you cannot consider this dish to be a Christmas dinner. Turkey is the pinnacle of the dish being the base of the other items.

Swede and carrot mash – 8/10 a lot better than normal mash but is more elite.

Brussels sprouts – 7/10 they are average. Could be better, could be worse but I’m not complaining.

Broccoli and cauliflower – 7/10 similar to sprouts, they are average but are needed for a Christmas dinner to be complete.

Bread sauce – 6/10 it’s good but sometimes I am not a big fan if it is cold.

What are your rankings? Leave your opinions in the comments below.