Chaotic Week

For today’s blog, I will give you an update on my chaotic week. From no water due to a busted gas pipe to an exec meeting, I have experienced an untypical week.


Last weekend, I went home to celebrate my mums birthday as well as to visit my cats. I returned on the Monday to celebrate one of my universities friends birthday. I caught the train home at midday (which was lovely and quiet) before making coffee cake and investigating the busted gas pipe which had happened over the weekend. In the evening, I headed out to Spoons to celebrate the birthday. I also had a district executive meeting which I attended.


On this day, I woke up to no water due to the roadworks having hit a gas pipe, they needed to turn off our water supply to fix it. However, we got water around 5pm again which was pretty quick. I had badminton in the afternoon, so used the Universities sport centre to have a shower as well as claimed my free hot drink from Costa due to the inconvenience it had caused us.


This was a fairly chill day, I visited the Universities archives with BUSAG to learn about the societies history and the surrounding area Scouting history. It was a very fun meeting. I also had my weekly shop delivered from an undisclosed supermarket where we had issues getting our shopping. We were told that you needed to be 25 for the delivery which was confusing as we had ordered previous deliveries with no issue. After speaking to customer services, our delivery was reunited with us.


Thursday was a fairly calm day with Beavers and Scouts in the evening.


I had my only lecture of the week at 9am for Computing – due to it being Maths consolidation week. In the afternoon, I watched the new Batman movie which was amazing!! I then went to Nandos for dinner before heading back to my friends flat party.


Without going into too much detail Saturday was chaotic. I had a friend ill from midnight where, I managed to get 5 hours nap time as I was looking after them. Eventually we called 111 to ask for advice and they advised heading to A&E. Eventually they were seen and my friend and I headed to grab coffee before I went to my friends before going out clubbing.


After waking up on 6 hours of sleep (pretty good compared to the previous night), I ate some breakfast before attending a BUSAG event to cook a roast dinner. The roast dinner was divine, I helped to carve the chicken, peeled carrots, put Yorkshire puddings in the oven and did some washing up. Whilst the food was cooking, I nipped to Tesco to grab a chocolate twist and some orange juice. In the evening, I cooked fajita pasta before heading for an early night.

BLOGMAS ’21 (day 2)

Today has been a very long day. I woke up for my 9am lecture on Algorithms where the lectures spoke about SatNavs before learning about integration. I then ate porridge for my mid morning snack before completing some coding.

During the evening, I helped at a local Beaver unit to make Christmas decorations before helping at Scouts where we played the peel game. This was learning about capitalism and the unfair trade market. I then headed back to my flat and it was snowing.

BLOGMAS ’21 (day 1)

As usual, I am going to try and blog every single day leading up to Christmas (we shall ignore last year as I may or may not have given up on day 3/4). I will explain my chaotic day below:

Salem with their Christmas hat

I went to my SSAGO meeting and we made Christmas hats for our pom-pom duck. I then went back to my flat to write up my maths work before heading off house hunting with my future flatmates. We found a lovely house which we are gonna reserve for next year. After getting back in the rain (near hail), we cooked dinner (where Ella, nearly almost poisoned herself). Following this, we watched I’m a Celeb before dragging George out to game with Ella. For supper we ate garlic bread, opened our advent calendars, defrosted tomorrow’s dinner and listened to Christmas music.

Blue gets freshers’ flu!

Blue in bed with Freshers’ Flu

Well, what a busy week, it has flown by. I’ve done lots of things and met loads of amazing people.

Blue has been busy too, so busy out partying until the small hours that he has freshers’ flu.

I’ve tucked him up in bed with a hot water bottle, the fan on and plenty of bear snacks on the bedside table.

How to make the perfect cup of tea

Howdy Blue here,

84’s been a busy 🐝 recently, so I’ve takeover the reins again.

84 has told me that if I’m doing a take over I have to blog about something useful. Well I nearly said phhhh to that but then I had an idea – I’m going to share with you how I make the perfect cup of tea.

Apologies in advance if I miss a few steps but I’m only a little bear. 🐻

Step one: Fill the kettle with water and turn on the kettle.

Step two: While waiting for the water to boil, get a mug and place a tea bag in it.

Step three: Now here’s the shocker place your desired amount of milk into the mug.

Step four: When the water has boiled, pour it into the mug.

Step five: Leave the tea to brew for a few minutes

Step six: Stir the tea to see how strong it is – check the colour I like mine strong so leave the teabag in for a while.

Step seven: When the tea is the desired strength remove the teabag

Step eight: Leave to cool for a short time – nobody likes a burnt tongue.

Finally enjoy the perfect cup of tea.

Online Stravolution

Blue looking at the online site

Over the past weekend I completed online Strategy and Evolution. For the past 2 years I have helped out with Strategy and attended Evolution as a participant. The weather has usually been warm and sunny during this camp and this year also lived up to the warm weather.

Blue painting my nails

During this weekend we would complete different activities on the Saturday earning points as a team. Different activities would include; nail painting, obstacle course, wire maze, first aid, bag check, ring toss etc. For the online version we were set 15 activities to complete. These included; spending a night outside, nail painting, first aid, drinking a pint of water, designing a new weapon, making ice cream, creating your own campsite, etc.

Blue and I both participated together and Blue tried to paint my nails in triple blue. I really enjoyed participating and so did Blue and we cannot wait until we can go camping again.

Busy Blue

Hi Blue here again again, 84 would like me to reclaim her blog this week as she has been out busy this weekend. On Saturday, she watched the Rugby and England (no spoiler here) won so are heading to the Rugby World Cup Final – she is just hoping she’ll be able to watch the match on Saturday at her reunion camp. Next she headed out to the local craft fair and brought a few bits to help with her scrapbook. That afternoon, she spent painting her white calculator lid – I still don’t understand but I did have a go at helping her.

On Sunday, she headed to see her grandparents. 84 enjoyed an extra hour in bd due to the clocks moving before she headed to the sea side. She got to see the seaside and took many photos. Below are some of her favourite:As well as taking photos, she saw two of her Aunts and three of her many cousins. She also got to eat a delicious homemade roast dinner as well as learnt about Lech Wałęsa.