Online Stravolution

Blue looking at the online site

Over the past weekend I completed online Strategy and Evolution. For the past 2 years I have helped out with Strategy and attended Evolution as a participant. The weather has usually been warm and sunny during this camp and this year also lived up to the warm weather.

Blue painting my nails

During this weekend we would complete different activities on the Saturday earning points as a team. Different activities would include; nail painting, obstacle course, wire maze, first aid, bag check, ring toss etc. For the online version we were set 15 activities to complete. These included; spending a night outside, nail painting, first aid, drinking a pint of water, designing a new weapon, making ice cream, creating your own campsite, etc.

Blue and I both participated together and Blue tried to paint my nails in triple blue. I really enjoyed participating and so did Blue and we cannot wait until we can go camping again.

BLOGMAS (day 22)

This weekend, I was bag packing in Waitrose in my county and I am going to share a few stories people told me throughout my bag packing sessions. I was bag packing to raise funds to go on the European Jamboree this summer.

My first story is this gentleman told me about his great grandfather who used to own Brownsea Island. He explained that Robert Baden Powell asked if he was able to host what today is know as the first Scout camp ever. The great grandfather said of course however as long as his grandchildren (who were girls) were allowed to attend. So, he now likes to be known that these girls were some of the first unofficial boy Scouts.

Another story is another gentleman’s son is friends with Bear Grylls’s son. So one Christmas, he got a Christmas card from Bear Grylls himself.

BLOGMAS (day 4)

On Sunday, I returned to Beaver space sleepover after my nigh out at the ball. I arrived in time for breakfast (cereal and then bacon, scrambled egg and beans). During breakfast, I heard all about the activities the Beavers did the previous evening; they did mosaic space pictures, painted rockets, went outside and did some stargazing and saw the International Space Station fly by before they then made blanket forts to sleep in.

Rocket Pencil Toppers

After breakfast, it was time for another rotation of activities – there was a board game on launching rockets, space jigsaw puzzles and finally a bean bag toss at a space scene. These activities were then followed with space hopper races outside in teams.

Soon, it was time to go and so the Beavers gathered all of there kit together before they proceeded to be picked up. Once the Beavers had gone, there were a few more items to pack away before I headed home to catch up on sleep and to do my homework.

BLOGMAS (day 3)

The birthday cake

I interrupt my blog post scheduled for today to wish my very good friend Happy Birthday. She reads most of my blog posts and has turned 17 today. Today at lunch she had a birthday cake and we sat in our Sixth Form Common Room. One of my other friends brought candles (I left my candles in the car) and we borrowed a lighter. We lit 17 candles (well in the end it was 15 due to us not wanting to set the fire alarm off) and sang Happy Birthday. Most of the common room joined in and afterwards she cut her cake. I’m pretty impressed we didn’t set the fire alarm off except the next few people who entered the common room exclaimed how they could smell burning! However, we were very lucky and that wasn’t the most problematic problem today in the common room as previously that day, someone cleverly put a metal tin of soup in the microwave and someone else nearly burnt their cheese toasty. But, I guess it was just another day in the common room.

Busy Blue

Hi Blue here again again, 84 would like me to reclaim her blog this week as she has been out busy this weekend. On Saturday, she watched the Rugby and England (no spoiler here) won so are heading to the Rugby World Cup Final – she is just hoping she’ll be able to watch the match on Saturday at her reunion camp. Next she headed out to the local craft fair and brought a few bits to help with her scrapbook. That afternoon, she spent painting her white calculator lid – I still don’t understand but I did have a go at helping her.

On Sunday, she headed to see her grandparents. 84 enjoyed an extra hour in bd due to the clocks moving before she headed to the sea side. She got to see the seaside and took many photos. Below are some of her favourite:As well as taking photos, she saw two of her Aunts and three of her many cousins. She also got to eat a delicious homemade roast dinner as well as learnt about Lech Wałęsa.