Blue and the Brownies

Howdy Blue here and what an adventure I’ve had.

When 84 told me that we would soon be enjoying some Brownies I thought wow, Beavers and Scouts weren’t enough each week and that she was volunteering to do Brownies as well. Well that couldn’t have been further from the truth when I realised that she wasn’t taking about the ones who wear yellow and brown uniforms but the gooey yummy delicious ones baked by Sam at The Sugar Rose Kitchen.

Valentine Brownie Selection

My taste buds are now on high alert, I’ve had them before and they are the best brownies north of Brownsea Island.

The Christmas selection was divine with a true mixture of flavours – Mince Pie, Mint Chocolate and Cranberry and Orange Tiffin, my bear senses are now in overload at the thought of trying the valentine selection.

First up from 84 was the hot stuff chilli chocolate brownie, oh my that tangled my taste buds, a brownie that tasted of chilli con carne!

Next up was triple chocolate, a smooth tasting gooey delight which calmed my senses after the hot stuff one.

Following on from the first two 84 gave me the raspberry ripple blondie. Sweet sticky raspberry goodness in a light golden brownie.

After a brief break to enjoy a cuppa I settled down to try the rest, sweetheart rocky road – a rocky road with mini marshmallows and gummy hearts ❤️

Eating a Brownie (look how big it is!!)

Turkish delight came next a gooey brownie containing Turkish delight pieces and topped with edible flower petals.

Lastly was the Oreo brownie, two of my favourite things Oreos and brownies. Large pieces of crushed Oreos in gooey rich chocolate brownie, what’s not to like. This one sent my taste buds out of this world and I ended up sneaking most of the slice much to the disappointment of 84.

In conclusion (pulling out the big words now, go me) brownies from The Sugar Rose Kitchen are divine. I can’t wait to taste the next one’s or I might switch it up a bit and have cupcakes or cookie sandwiches.