Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate International Women’s Day I am going to tell you about some of my role models. So in no particular order:

1. Emily Pankhurst – she was an English political activist and is know for organising the UK suffragette movement

2. Emily Davidson – she was an martyr for the suffragette movement in order to get the rights for women’s votes within England

3. Rosa Parks – she fought for equal rights in America for refusing to give up her seat during the Montgomery bus boycott

4. Katherine Johnson – she was an American mathematician who helped to calculate the orbital mechanics for NASA in order to complete the success of the first US crewed spaceflight

5. Malala Yousafzai – she helps to fight for human rights especially for women and children’s education from the Taliban

6. all the women in my family including my Mum, my Grandma and my Nan (who’s birthday is today – Happy Birthday Nanny!)

Happy Founders Day!

Today across the world we celebrate Founder Day. Robert Baden Powell was born on February 22nd 1857. However, previously I have celebrated World Thinking Day – which is the Guiding version of Founders Day after, Robert Baden Powell’s wife, Olave – whom also has the same birthday just in 1889.

I like to spend today thinking about my fellow Scouts and Guides from around the World. Having had the opportunity to attend WSJ2019 I feel honoured to be part of such a giant group of people.

Tea for Blue

Howdy Blue here,

84’s been a busy 🐝 recently, so I’ve taken over the reins again.

84 has told me that if I’m doing a take over I have to blog about something useful. Well I nearly said phnh to that but then I had an idea – I’m going to share with you how I make the perfect cup of tea.

Apologies in advance if I miss a few steps but I’m only a little bear. 🐻

Step one:

Fill the kettle with water and turn on the kettle.

Step two:

While waiting for the water to boil, get a mug and place a tea bag in it.

Step three:

Now here’s the shocker place your desired amount of milk into the mug.

Step four:

When the water has boiled, pour it into the mug.

Step five:

Leave the tea to brew for a few minutes

Step six:

Stir the tea to see how strong it is – check the colour I like mine strong so leave the teabag in for a while.

Step seven:

When the tea is the desired strength remove the teabag

Step eight:

Leave to cool for a short time – nobody likes a burnt tongue.
Finally enjoy the perfect cup of tea.


Happy Palindrome Day
Today it’s 02 02 2020
Some of you are aware that my name is also a palindrome.
Palindrome comes from the Greek palin, meaning again and dromos, meaning way or direction.

So I thought today I’d share a few more examples with you


Was it a car or a cat I saw
Never odd or even

Even four of the species of Pokemon are palindromic: Eevee, Girafarig, Ho-Oh, and Alomomola

WOW (I bet you didn’t see that coming!)

The rest of my busy week …

My crafts at the Spa Evening all ready to fundraise!

On Wednesday, I was busy creating new craft items such as hair bobbles to sale at a spa evening on the Saturday. On Thursday, I had dance where we did some contact and contemporary improvisation. On Friday, I was busy sewing making some hand sanitiser holders to sale the next day.

Looking at different style fingerprints

On Saturday, I went to a university open day where I was looking at the Forensic Science course. I learnt about the different machines, which can help analyse different samples as well as different machines which can help solve key points in a crime scene. We learnt about how you should enter a crime scene and what evidence should be taken first as well as how to take a fingerprint sample. I saw versions of university accommodation as well. That evening, sewed on buttons before I headed out to fundraiser at a spa event.

Victorian Christmas Market

On Sunday, I headed to the local Victorian market – it was very pretty and bustling. That afternoon, I headed back home to complete my homework and plan the Beavers meeting which is being run by the young leaders.

Happy Halloween

A quick update from me.

Today I have been busy updating my personal development goals and submitting them. I then followed by quickly creating a Pinterest board of Pumpkin carving ideas before I started de-gutting my pumpkin.

With the pumpkin seed I toasted them in order to make toasted cinnamon sugar seeds. These turned out very delicious.

I soon decided to carve my pumpkin as a dinosaur which you can see within the top photo. I personally think it turned out very well.

This evening, I started packing for my reunion camp making sure that I will not forget anything important and most importantly will not get cold – the UK weather has certainly gotten very cold very quickly (soon I guess it’ll be snowing – *touch wood*).

Setting up your novus account

1. Follow the email link

2. Create a password

3. You can add your social media contacts straight away or you can set them up later

4. Read the terms and conditions to learn of how they can track you

5. Read the privacy policy on how your data will be sent to other parties privately

6. Figure out the app has been done by Canada

7. Log on using the 2019 WSJ app

8. Add more information

9. Explore

10. Count down the days until you will revive your wristband (less than 5 days)

Honest UK24WSJ Kit Review

(Sorry for not blogging for a while, I’m busy revising for my exams and while I’ve got a couple of big blogs planned, including our big city experience in London, here is something shorter until then.)

On Wednesday I went to collect my Official Jamboree Kit. Here are my initial thoughts and my rating on each item out of 10 (10 is the best and 1 is the worst):

Main bag: 7/10 – Better and bigger than I expected apart from its in girl guiding colours and has no pockets.

Rucksack: 2/10 – Slightly small and could do with more pockets. Not sure how I’m going to survive:Β 

  1. the plane
  2. NYC
  3. the night in NYC
  4. until I get to the main campsite

with this.

Explorer Blouse: 8/10 – Fits perfectly and is nice and thin for the West Virginia summer. It also uses the new scout logo while I still prefer the old logo. Bonus marks for actually being a blouse and not a shirt so has a better fit.

Shorts: 10/10 – They contain a lot of pockets and are a nice length (I like knee length shorts which these fit me as).

UK T-shirt: 7/10 – This yet again looks really nice with the printed branding however the blue appears greyer than I imagined.

Necker: 9/10 – The design is phenomenal the only real downside is the ends have come a bit loose.

UK blue Tea Bear badge: 8/10 – Not very nice to sew onto uniform but the design is funky except I can never line up the badge correctly to sew onto my uniform.

Hat: 9.9/10 – A brilliant hat: I would leave it at that but only gets 9.9 as it’s quite small for my rather big head and does not have any corks attached.

Padlock: 8/10 – It works. I guess.

Water bottle (red): I have not tested this product yet. However, I’ve heard rumours that they aren’t very strong (denting easily) and the straw does not work.