BLOGMAS (day 12)

Today is the day of another General election for the UK with it being the third one held within 5 year. At my school, it was the talk of the day and we have had a mini polling station to find out the Political opinions within the school.

At lunch, I voted in the hall where we got given mini polling cards. As the card did not tell us how to fill in the box, I put a cat in my box. The results were then in by the end of the day and concluded with; Labour (220), Conservitives (126) and Green Party (94).

A couple of week ago, the candidates for our area came in for a mini debate. We had someone from Labour, Conservatives and Green party all come to answer our years questions and unfortunately the Liberal Democrats candidate was unable to come. It was a really great debate and we were able to hear all about the plans each candidate wanted for our area. I wanted to ask about whether if the candidates were unable to vote for there own party who would they vote for and why. However, I was unable to ask my question due to us running out of time. The Labour and Conservative candidates were both getting pretty argumentative but overall, everyone was fairly relaxed.

I am very excited to see the results tommorrow due to this election be very important.