BLOGMAS (day 13)

So today is Friday the 13th which is considered unlucky (and how it was very much so today). We woke up to the election results which we’re predictable however, this morning in form there was a debate happening over the results. This was then proceeded by our usual quiz which was actually pretty good with us getting quite a few answers correct.

The first lesson was a test which went better than expected and then after break I had a Physics practical. This did not go very well as we connected our equipment in series rather than parallel and so had to redo our pratical in 10 minutes. I then had a careers talk before then having my first Librarian session in year 12.

After this, I had a rehearsal for the concert tonight which went pretty well. Then I had to pop into a shop on the way home where I needed to buy some pencils which I couldn’t find for an activity tomorrow.

Once home, I raced to get back out again to school (shoutout to sis84 for cooking me eggs), where I needed to fold 1000 + raffle tickets as well as helping to set up before taking part in the concert. I sang the traditional Boars head carol as well as Christmas in about 3 minutes …

It was then around time for act 2 which was a play all about the history of Christmas and then I could go home. However, there were some biscuits left over which reminded me of the Netherland unit ‘speculazen’ whom were camped next to out Florida buddy unit – way back on the Jamboree.

I will see y’all tomorrow for another BLOGMAS.