BLOGMAS (day 11)

In honour of todays BLOGMAS, I am going to tell you a few of my favourite cheese jokes. A few of them are from Dad84s cheese advent calendar. Most of the jokes are pretty cheesy.

Q: What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror?

A: Halloumi

Q: Did you hear about the fire at the cheese factory?

A: There was lots of de Brie

Q: Which hotel do mice stay in?

A: The Stilton

Q: Which cheese would you use to coax a bear down a tree?

A: Camembert

Q: What cheese do you use to disguise a horse?

A: Mascarpone

Q: Which cheeses is used to surround a Medival Castle?

A: Moatzerella

Q: How do you handel a dangerous cheese?

A: Caerphilly