The BIG Update

So this weekend all of the UK unit leaders are at a conference to find out more about the Jamboree.

I have found out that I am going to be flying in to NYC, from there we will be travelling to West Virginia followed by travelling to Washington DC for our big city experience for 3 days. We will then travel to Canada for our Ho-Ho (hosted hospitality) where we will stay with a Canadian Scout group for a couple of days before flying out back to the UK.

We have now seen the UK days sacks and holdalls which are full kitted out with the new UK Scout branding and the UK T-Bear mascot. The bags are coloured a red and blue which vaguely reminds me of the UK Guide uniform.

I am thoroughly excited to be going to Canada as well as the USA and I am going to have an amazing and incredible time.

No suitcases for us, but don’t forget your passport!