1 year on

Sorry for the late blog post again, I am going to have to personally thank my friend for reminding me to blog (and reminded me her birthday is also this week).

So 1 year ago it was my unit’s first ever Jamboree camp. Shocking as it may seem it has felt like yesterday, the time has flown by. At this camp, we missed the Christmas lights, designed our badge and necker, came up with our unit name and sang some Christmas songs.  On the first day of Christmas…

Now one year later, I was given the chance to go to a meet up of the other county in our joint unit and happily went along. I arrived after a long car journey to be welcomed by familiar faces all of which were once strangers to me.

Firstly one of our leaders went through kit to take out with us and what to start asking for Christmas (my list includes a solar power battery pack which is lithium ion batteries not alkaline as the airports will confiscate them). Another one of our leaders talked to us about the Jamboree in a bag and we discussed what activities people had already used and trialled with the different sections.

We also had a debate section where we were given a topic and my team ended up arguing for each side we didn’t agree with. This activity helped us to understand other peoples views on sensitive topics without us offending anyone.

Finally, we played some games. This included NESW (North, East, South and West) as well as a game where we had to transfer M&Ms from one side of the room to the other using straws and bowls. We also had a few other team building games including lining up in height order and then age order without talking.

I had a really great time seeing everyone again and I cannot wait to meet up with my unit for another training camp in January.