My Top Ten Christmas Traditions

A countdown of my favourite Christmas Traditions

10. The first decoration to be put up (and last to be taken down) is always the jingle bells on the front door.

9. Being able to sing Christmas songs out of tune for a whole month. On the first day of Christmas …

8. Class Secret Santa.

7. Homemade mince pies (and using the leftover pastry to make jam tarts).

6. Welcoming back Eddie, our Elf on the Shelf. This year he also brought his girlfriend to visit. (She had a slight accident yesterday when my Dad and I saw her leap from her hiding place onto the floor!)

5. Not finishing my Advent Calendar (even if it’s got chocolate in).

4. Not opening any presents until Mum has had her first cup of tea of the day.

3. Arguing over whose turn it is to put the angel on top of the Christmas Tree.

2. Pretending not to notice that mum has rearranged all the decorations on the Christmas Tree after we went to bed.

1. Boxing Day lunch at my Nanny’s house.