Q and A with Blue (The mascot of Unit 82, Double Blue)

Wishing all my readers an exciting 2019. I still can’t believe in just over 24 hours time I can start saying ” I’m off to the Jamboree this year.” (I wonder how long it will take my family to get fed up with me saying it!)

To round up 2018 here is an interview Blue and I made while he was staying with me.

Happy New Year,


Hi Blue,

An easy one to start, what is your favourite food?
Mmm what a way to start the interview talking about food… Is human an acceptable answer!!
Only joking I can’t bear (do you get it!) marmalade or honey, what is with some bears they have no taste. I’m actually a bear of impeccable taste, my favourite food is Nutella on toast.

So Blue, what are you looking forward to doing most at WSJ2019?
Well that’s an easy one, I’m looking forward to meeting my cousins, I hear that I have a few who live in West Virginia.

Moving swiftly on, what 2 things would you take to a desert island?
Umm can I take 3 things?
No just 2.
Oh it’ll have to be matches and Bear Grylls.
That’s a pretty sneaky answer and I’m sure that Bear Grylls can light a fire without the aid of matches.

In human years how old are you?
Gosh you should never ask a bear his age.

Apart from Bear Grylls who is your favourite bear?
Well you’ve already heard that I’m not a particular fan of Paddington or Winnie so I’d have to say it’s definitely Yogi. If HoHo allows I’d love a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

What is your favourite campfire song?
What a toughie, I think Baby Shark is quite catchy and has potential, but I am quite a traditional bear so it really has to be Kumbaya.

Is there anything that you are afraid of?
Heights, I can’t stand climbing trees I get very dizzy.

If you could have a super power what would you choose?
That’s easy invisibility then I can sneak up on my food.

Since you mentioned food again, do you prefer Double Gloucester or Shropshire Blue?
I’m not sure it would be fair to choose between them. Can I go for a nice Camembert instead?

I’m thinking that it’s time to wrap up this interview, thank you Blue for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet me.