All happening in the run up to Christmas!

Well I’ve had an interested week …

On Monday I went carol singing with the Beavers at an old people’s home.

On Tuesday it got a bit more interesting. While getting out of the car having arrived at school, the lid to my flask of very hot squash came off. It covered the top of my legs and I screamed. My parents who were in the car thought I had seen a spider (see Strategy and Evolution Part 1) but no, I’d managed to spill hot squash down me and it hurt, lots and lots and lots. I got out of the car quickly explained what had happened and then experienced my Mum pouring cold water over me on the pavement near school! We headed into my school where I was given further first aid and then we headed to our local A&E. I was seen really quickly. I had some very large blisters on my legs and I needed to be seen at the regional children’s hospital the next day. I went home to try and get some rest and take more pain killers.

From Radio Times

On Wednesday we travelled to the regional children’s hospital burns outpatient department. We found the lift as we knew it was on the 5th floor and I couldn’t walk up the stairs. Being the children’s hospital the lift announcer was Wallace, from Wallace and Gromit! Going up Gromit, hold on tight Gromit. This made me smile for the first time in 2 days. Another short wait and I was seen. I had to explain what had happened again and eventually had my blisters cleaned and dressings applied. Then we were free to go home – via IKEA for meatballs of course!

On Wednesday evening I was supposed to be singing in my school choir for our annual musical, this year it was Annie. As this involves a lot of standing up and sitting down, I couldn’t take part so I watched in the audience. My sister was an orphan and several of my friends were in the orchestra.

On Thursday I slept, watched movies and went to Rainbows to help my Mum. Gosh, I thought that Beavers were noisy – well those Rainbows really gave them a run for their money. We made Christmas baubles and I ended up cleaning up the left over glitter.

On Friday I slept in and the we travelled to the regional children’s hospital again. Yet another short wait as well as being treated to a song about an emoji poo by hospital staff dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters. I was seen by two Elves! Yes, yesterday was National Elf Service Day and lots of the staff were dressed as Elves. I had good news in that I was healing nicely and don’t have to go back until after Christmas.

When I got home I got to open my mock GCSE results – I did a lot better than I thought I would.