Equipment: A very serious blog post.

I was recently challenged to come up with a list of things I’d take camping, but only things that began with the first letter of my name. Which of course is E for Explorer, or is it Eighty Four?

It was harder than I thought but here are my top 25 items:

  1. Emergency Blanket
  2. Extra Thick Socks
  3. Earmuffs
  4. Eurohike Tent (other tents are also available)
  5. Envelope
  6. Equipment
  7. Eye drops
  8. Ear plugs
  9. Eiderdown
  10. Espadrilles
  11. Elephant dung (dried)
  12. Entertainment system
  13. England’s Glory Matches (other brands are also available, just not starting with an E)
  14. Email
  15. Energiser Batteries (or maybe Every Ready, still taking bids for product placement on this one)
  16. Electric toothbrush
  17. Elf on the shelf.
  18. Emery board
  19. Edam, eggs, enchiladas, escallops and other edibles.
  20. Embalming Fluid (you never know)
  21. Epic novel (on an e-reader)
  22. Elastic
  23. Eagle Scout Repellent 😉
  24. Erasers
  25. Exam revision
  26. and of course: Everything Else!