BLOGMAS (day 23)

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I don’t quite know how to say it but I’m not feeling very festive. However, this morning, Sis84 and Mum84 joined me and we went out for a cooked breakfast. At breakfast, we overheard someone discussing how there husband had counted out 900 sprouts and exclaimed how that seemed like quite a lot before she replied saying grams, 900 grams of sprouts. This was quite funny to say the least.

I also don’t feel Christmasy even though on Friday, I broke up for Christmas at school and there was the yearly houses got talent, staff and sixth form entertainment as well as the Christmas assembly. I also sang the Boars head in front of the whole school which was very scary.

Finally, over the weekend I have been out bag packing in Waitrose, wearing my Christmas necker as a Bandana.

So Santa please tell me, how has Christmas crept up again?

BLOGMAS (day 22)

This weekend, I was bag packing in Waitrose in my county and I am going to share a few stories people told me throughout my bag packing sessions. I was bag packing to raise funds to go on the European Jamboree this summer.

My first story is this gentleman told me about his great grandfather who used to own Brownsea Island. He explained that Robert Baden Powell asked if he was able to host what today is know as the first Scout camp ever. The great grandfather said of course however as long as his grandchildren (who were girls) were allowed to attend. So, he now likes to be known that these girls were some of the first unofficial boy Scouts.

Another story is another gentleman’s son is friends with Bear Grylls’s son. So one Christmas, he got a Christmas card from Bear Grylls himself.

That’s not my quiz

it’s for Sis84

Last Friday I had a break from my own fundraising, to go along to a quiz being held to fundraise for my sister’s gang show. I didn’t really want to go but I was reminded that Sis84 has been dragged along to multiple fundraising events for me.

So off we went braving the icy roads to get to the scout hut. It turned out to be a very popular evening as they had to sort out extra tables as there were so many teams taking part.

It started with a table quiz of picture questions on Christmas best selling toys and an alphabet take from sweet wrappers which we had to name the sweet. We started off great, with Dad84 naming all the Lego variations and Mum84 doing well on the sweet wrappers due to her sweet tooth.

The first challenge came with the title of the first round ‘Sport’ well Fam84 are not particularly into sporting events so we dreaded this round. The first question was a complete guess, but had they listened to me they would have got it correct – cricket. Mum84 excelled in her sporting knowledge, knowing the answers to a few including who first ran the four minute mile.
We did so well that at the halfway point we were in 2nd place. Amazing …

The second half was also fun, yet again we guessed a few (OK more than a few!) Dad84 disappointed us by getting the name of the newspaper that Peter Parker works for wrong and Mum84 had a good stab at the musicals and film theme songs. The last two rounds were our best – dingbats and logos. I hate to say it but I just don’t get dingbats even though its say what you see. Thanks to my celebrity big brother guess for one of the logos Mum84 correctly got ‘Bird’s Eye’.

We had a great evening and ended up coming 3rd! Not bad for an amateur team. It has to be noted that the winning team consisted of the family of my Beaver Leader. Congratulations.

Money, Money, Money!

I’m in the middle of my mock GCSEs so have been a little bit preoccupied, sorry it’s late again but here is this week’s instalment.

A round up of my fundraising ideas so far:

So as well as having bag packed (lots and lots and lots)

I’ve held a film night,

Had a tombola at a Christmas Fayre

Done a door to door collection with the local Round Table (raising funds for another local charity as well)

Easter egg Raffle with my Scout Group, at my school and parents’ work.

Encouraged people to take part in the 50/50 draw

Sold raffle tickets for the unit raffle

Set up a BT mydonate account

Made heaps of paracord items, hair bobbles and scrunchies

Made a range of sea glass pictures to sell at summer fayres

More bag packing

Sold my unit badges

Collected at a carnival also raising funds for local charities

Did a street collection in a local town.

Sold my soul (only joking…)

Did I mention bag packing.