Busy Blue

Hi Blue here again again, 84 would like me to reclaim her blog this week as she has been out busy this weekend. On Saturday, she watched the Rugby and England (no spoiler here) won so are heading to the Rugby World Cup Final – she is just hoping she’ll be able to watch the match on Saturday at her reunion camp. Next she headed out to the local craft fair and brought a few bits to help with her scrapbook. That afternoon, she spent painting her white calculator lid – I still don’t understand but I did have a go at helping her.

On Sunday, she headed to see her grandparents. 84 enjoyed an extra hour in bd due to the clocks moving before she headed to the sea side. She got to see the seaside and took many photos. Below are some of her favourite:As well as taking photos, she saw two of her Aunts and three of her many cousins. She also got to eat a delicious homemade roast dinner as well as learnt about Lech Wałęsa.