BLOGMAS (day 3)

The birthday cake

I interrupt my blog post scheduled for today to wish my very good friend Happy Birthday. She reads most of my blog posts and has turned 17 today. Today at lunch she had a birthday cake and we sat in our Sixth Form Common Room. One of my other friends brought candles (I left my candles in the car) and we borrowed a lighter. We lit 17 candles (well in the end it was 15 due to us not wanting to set the fire alarm off) and sang Happy Birthday. Most of the common room joined in and afterwards she cut her cake. I’m pretty impressed we didn’t set the fire alarm off except the next few people who entered the common room exclaimed how they could smell burning! However, we were very lucky and that wasn’t the most problematic problem today in the common room as previously that day, someone cleverly put a metal tin of soup in the microwave and someone else nearly burnt their cheese toasty. But, I guess it was just another day in the common room.