BLOGMAS (day 2)

On Saturday, it was the Beaver Space Sleepover. After waking up late to arrive early, I was only 10 minutes late in the end overall. Initially, we were briefed before I made Ham sandwiches for the Beavers lunch as well as cutting cucumber and carrot. It was then time for the Beavers to arrive.

The Beavers painted Solar Systems

The first activity of the day was to go on a small walk to the nearby park. The Beavers had to find laminated picture of aliens and astronauts before being allowed to play in the park before heading back. One of the Beavers thought we were in London and so politely asked whether we could go to Mayfair – we were definitely NOT in London. Once we got back to the Scout hut, it was time for a buffet style lunch.

After lunch, it was the start of activities where the Beavers painted plates black to be space and then painted the different planets in our solar system to later on stick onto the plate once a spiral had been cut out. After this, the Beavers then completed some of there Space Ranger Book whilst the next activity was being set up.

Barry the Beaver and Blue the Bear in space

The next activity was a scavenger hunt with facts and clues which would be filled out in there space Ranger book. Previously during lunch we had hidden the facts around the room and during this activity I helped to create the space scene. Barry the Beaver and Blue the bear both insisted on having there photo taken in space.

After the Beavers had completed this activity it was time for the Beavers to tell one another about a space mission. Some had facts about the first moon landing whilst others had facts to tell about the International Space Station. During this activity, all the Beavers out in paint decorator suits and had their photos taken in ‘space’.

They then put their trainers on to take part in a circuit activity as the astronauts on board the International Space Station have to exercise for a minimum of 2 hours a day. The Beavers did skipping, ball passing, dribbling, front crawl, star jumps and a mini bleep test as part of this activity.

Afterwards, it was time for the Beavers to paint some rockets and stick there planets to there back paper plates (as made earlier). It was then time for me to go and get ready for the Explorer and Network ball.