13 things I hate about being left handed

Another weekend and another camp to recover from!

I’ll write about that another time but to give me a chance to rest here are 13 things I hate about being left-handed (Fact 42)

  1. When writing you end up with pen all up the side of your hand.
  2. You have to go out of your way to buy left handed scissors (all the supermarket school stationery sections only stock right handed ones)
  3. Bumping elbows with a righty.
  4. Being told you’re left handed by someone who you knows you and suddenly realises and asks how long have you been left handed.
  5. Having to self teach yourself how to do things oppositely like archery.
  6. Most door handles are made for right handed people.
  7. The mouse being defaulted to use with your right hand ergonomically.
  8. Having to buy left handed stuff in general i.e. can openers, rulers, pencil sharpeners, screwdrivers, etc.
  9. The constant threat of being burnt at the stake for being a witch.
  10. The annoyance of being the odd one out in a family of right handers.
  11. Everyone complaining that I’m not really a lefty as I used to eat right handed, although rather inefficiently.
  12. People always assume everyone’s right handed – in restaurants tables are set up for right handed people.
  13. Being told “I bet you’re really creative.”

But the best thing about being left handed is the left handed handshake comes naturally.

PS there’s a town called Left Hand in West Virginia.