The rest of my busy week …

My crafts at the Spa Evening all ready to fundraise!

On Wednesday, I was busy creating new craft items such as hair bobbles to sale at a spa evening on the Saturday. On Thursday, I had dance where we did some contact and contemporary improvisation. On Friday, I was busy sewing making some hand sanitiser holders to sale the next day.

Looking at different style fingerprints

On Saturday, I went to a university open day where I was looking at the Forensic Science course. I learnt about the different machines, which can help analyse different samples as well as different machines which can help solve key points in a crime scene. We learnt about how you should enter a crime scene and what evidence should be taken first as well as how to take a fingerprint sample. I saw versions of university accommodation as well. That evening, sewed on buttons before I headed out to fundraiser at a spa event.

Victorian Christmas Market

On Sunday, I headed to the local Victorian market – it was very pretty and bustling. That afternoon, I headed back home to complete my homework and plan the Beavers meeting which is being run by the young leaders.