The 12 days of Christmas

My first county meet up got cancelled because of the weather – we got snow which rarely happens which meant traveling would have been dangerous.  I spent the day making a snowman and having snowball fights with my sister.

In the evening I had to attend my Unit Carol Service, which despite the snow went ahead and made it feel very festive. My fellow Jamboree Explorers and I set up a stall selling Christmas items and sweets to help our fundraising.

Also in the run up to Christmas I had the opportunity to help Santa raise funds for charity.  The local Round Table’s Santa goes round collecting for charity with a door to door collection, I was able to help with this to add to my own fundraising on a 50/50 basis with another local charity.

Further fundraising during December was by putting on a pyjama movie night for the local Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Rainbows and Brownies.  We ate hotdogs and popcorn and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

More Bag Packing opportunities at yet more ‘local’ supermarkets, 40 minutes away, where on the weekend before Christmas people were donating generously.

After reading this post for so long I guess I ought to tell you why it’s titled 12 days of Christmas. Well … since my first joint meet up where we sang the 12 days of Christmas, I’ve since sang it at the Unit Carol Service and at my school Christmas show. I don’t think I’ve ever sung it so many times before. On the first day of Christmas …