Selection Weekend – Day 2

I walked down to breakfast with Shorty and her explorer friends. We managed to skip the breakfast queue accidently and did not realise until we walked down to the campfire circle and spotted that there was a queue, Whoops. We ate breakfast quickly and then I went back to my tent to pack.

My patrol for today were all in consecutive order in the 30’s with myself being the odd one out as number 84. We completed more activities including tunnelling, a giant tower of Hanoi made from old tyres, suspension bridge and charades. My favourite activity this day was the suspension bridge.

After we completed all of the activities we split off for lunch. I joined the queue with Potato and collected my lunch, no queue jumping this time.  I ate with Backpack and Twinkle Toes until it was time to pack up my tent.

After my tent was all packed, I walked back to the campfire circle where we were all debriefed. We were told that they would email us shortly if got into the Gloucestershire unit.

That was all I could do, it was time for them to decide who would participate in the WSJ2019.

I had an awesome time and I am still in contact with all of my friends.