Rumour has it

So this weekend the unit leaders (and IST) have been at the final leader weekend at Gilwell Park. They have been finding out last minute details and handing in the 3 duffle bags to be shipped off to the USA.

I’m now excitedly waiting to hear where in Canada our HoHo is going to be, however rumour has it I might be staying at HoHo with … Scout group. We found this out through a connection of badge swaps.

This week I have survived my first week of GCSE examinations – I am now a third of the way through my 23 exams with 4 weeks still left to go. Also thanks to my biology exam I now know what an axolotl looks like. Not looking forward to tomorrow’s exam, but at least I’ve only got the one exam.

Better get back to the revision now.

Not an axolotl, but is a clue to where HoHo is near.