I was recently lucky enough to represent Scouting at the RAF 100 stem residential at RAF Wittering, having had to apply and be selected earlier this year. There were 100 students from uniformed organisations that converged for a week long ‘boot camp’.

It was a drive of over 2 hours to get there so when I arrived I knew no one, until I boarded the coach to take us to our dorms, I was greeted by one of my fellow Jamboree members!  Neither of us knew the other was going until we saw each other on the coach.

The original information said I would have to share a dorm with 3 others, so I was surprised to find out I had my own room.  This was luxury compared with the tent in the snow I was in last month.  I made some good friends with those in my corridor and we have already made multiple group chats.

The food they fed us was amazing, nothing like a Scout camp food. Three hot meals a day in giant portions.

Over 4½ long days we completed ‘Op Falcon’ an exercise designed to show us a range of roles in the RAF that involve STEM skills.  Activities included cooking with ration packs, the various logistics behind operational planning, and bomb disposal!  At the end of the course we were awarded with the Silver Industrial Cadet Award and will also receive a Silver CREST award.