Planning meeting

As a Beaver Young Leader I went to my first ever planning meeting. Here we work out what the beaver plan would be doing each evening until summer. We added dates in for Jamboree in a bag and another meeting to be run by the young leaders. To try and get as many beavers their chief scout bronze award, we had to plan our meetings to allow this and fit it in.

I was expecting to be at the meeting for just under an hour but was there for much longer than expected- I now realise the amount of planning which goes into each Beaver meeting. One of the leaders wasn’t able to make the meeting so instead was at the meeting virtually via a Skype call which however, kept cutting out.

I was very disappointed when I found out that the Beavers last meeting in the summer they are going bouldering and caving. I realised that I will already be out on the Jamboree site so will miss the Beavers last fun meeting.