Honest UK24WSJ Kit Review

(Sorry for not blogging for a while, I’m busy revising for my exams and while I’ve got a couple of big blogs planned, including our big city experience in London, here is something shorter until then.)

On Wednesday I went to collect my Official Jamboree Kit. Here are my initial thoughts and my rating on each item out of 10 (10 is the best and 1 is the worst):

Main bag: 7/10 – Better and bigger than I expected apart from its in girl guiding colours and has no pockets.

Rucksack: 2/10 – Slightly small and could do with more pockets. Not sure how I’m going to survive: 

  1. the plane
  2. NYC
  3. the night in NYC
  4. until I get to the main campsite

with this.

Explorer Blouse: 8/10 – Fits perfectly and is nice and thin for the West Virginia summer. It also uses the new scout logo while I still prefer the old logo. Bonus marks for actually being a blouse and not a shirt so has a better fit.

Shorts: 10/10 – They contain a lot of pockets and are a nice length (I like knee length shorts which these fit me as).

UK T-shirt: 7/10 – This yet again looks really nice with the printed branding however the blue appears greyer than I imagined.

Necker: 9/10 – The design is phenomenal the only real downside is the ends have come a bit loose.

UK blue Tea Bear badge: 8/10 – Not very nice to sew onto uniform but the design is funky except I can never line up the badge correctly to sew onto my uniform.

Hat: 9.9/10 – A brilliant hat: I would leave it at that but only gets 9.9 as it’s quite small for my rather big head and does not have any corks attached.

Padlock: 8/10 – It works. I guess.

Water bottle (red): I have not tested this product yet. However, I’ve heard rumours that they aren’t very strong (denting easily) and the straw does not work.