All times are BST

20:10 (Sat) The plane took off

22:00 Food arrived – Spicy Chicken, Mousse, Bread roll, Fruit (which I traded for crackers and cheese) and Water

22:20 A cup of tea arrives (which late on spills a little on my lap – I’m all good)

22:30 Tray taken away and I’m off to sleep

1:45 (Sun) Sunset so plane lights turn on

1:55 More food (roast chicken caeser salad sandwich and chocolate bar – we can all guess that I went for the chocolate)

2:00 Another cup of tea to give me a caffeine boost

2:30 Eating a bread and butter roll from dinner as sandwich was not nice

2:40 Uniform on and Pen with me

2:45 20 minutes until landing (Final announcement) as well as seatbelt sign

3:09 We have landed (22:09 local time)

3:32 Waiting to get off plane with a 32 degree Celsius temperature outside

4:20 All through security (my fingerprints would scan and be kept o record till they sorted it out)and have found my bag

4:40 Waiting for coach to arrive

4:45 On coach – it’s so hot and humid outside but so cool on the coach with air con

4:50 I’m now on my way to my accommodation see you tomorrow (at 23:50 local time)