BLOGMAS (day 5)

At the top of the dry ski slope ready to go down via tubing

SUPRISE: somehow I’ve managed to keep this BLOGMAS going for nearly 5 day – which I must admit is a first for me given how late I am to my usual Sunday schedule. Anyway, todays blog is all about one of my most recent Explorer meetings.

So, last week my Explorers went tubing. This is the first time I have ever been on a dry ski slope and tubing ever. For those who do not know what tubing is, it is where you sit in a donut ring and slide down the slope. This was very enjoyable yet very tiring.

After each turn, we had to walk back up the side of the slop to then go down again. However, we could go down alone, together in pairs or as a trio. Sometimes we went backwards, others to the side and others forwards. I discovered that if I led more flat I would decrease my air resistance enabling me to accelerate quicker. This activity was very thrilling.