Back 2 School

Hi blog, it’s Blue here to let you know what 84 has been up to. Today is a very weird yet exciting day as Sis84 heads back to school for year 11! – I’m sure when I met her, she was only starting year 9. 84 has been telling me how scary it is that she has finished Sixth Form and will be heading off to university later this month to study Mathematics and Computer Science.

This summer has been very busy for 84 as she has slowly been packing for University, has started a new job over the summer and took a well earned break after there chaotic two years of Sixth Form during the pandemic. On the 10th of August she got her ALevel results and 84 was very pleased with them, she got into the university of her choice which is still fairly local to home but far enough away to live in university flats for her first year. I look forward to joining the SSAGOS unit and maybe even joining a local Beaver group as a leader (well 84 as the leader not me)!