A very busy half term

This past week, I’ve been busy with my half term. From completing homework, to watching some new Netflix shows as well as meeting up with a few of my friends. Last Saturday, I went for a meal with a few of my friends which became eventful as we forgot to check if the 40% off voucher was valid on a Saturday. On the Monday, I met with a few of my friends who had moved to different schools for sixth form. it was lovely to catch up over coffee. On Wednesday, I went to a swimming pool with water slides but my friends and I were sad as the wave machine was not working.

On Friday, I met with some more of my friends who had moved schools and we went bouldering before heading to the Cathedral to see the light show display. In the evening I went to my friends Birthday Party and met many new people. On Saturday evening, I met with another friend from school over coffee to catch up.

Finally, today has been an inset day so I’ve had the chance to finish my homework and prepare for school tomorrow. A recent series I have been watching is Locke and Key as well as The Stranger. I also watched the movie Midnight Sun. Overall, I have had a good half term and am ready to get back to school as I am now officially half way into year 12.