A Slip-up Knot

So recently, I was running late to the Beaver meeting which I’m a Young Leader at. I grabbed my necker which didn’t have a woggle and quickly did a friendship knot in the car.

Here’s a photo of the finished knot- can you spot the problem?


Yes I did really tie myself to the seat belt!

So, I had to redo it.

Here is 84’s guide to doing a friendship knot if you do not know how to do one:

  1. Roll your necker and lay it out in front of you facing you as in the photo
  2. Fold the side on your right up
  3. Place the left side over the folded side (in step 2)
  4. Tuck the left side under the right side
  5. Fold the right side down
  6. Take the left side and thread over the end of the right side and through the loop formed by the right side (in step 2)
  7. Tighten it up and voila!

Friendship Knot Instructions.jpg