University Move in weekend

On Saturday the 18th of September, Blue and I moved into university. We arrived at our accommodation at 16:30 and were greeted by older students volunteering to help us move our bags. At first the locks on the doors were confusing to open but shortly I got into the swing of it.

When I entered my flat, E was already there and she had unpacked most of her belongings. I found out that her mum works near where I live – showing just how small the world is. After unpacking some items and meeting W (another flatmate), it was time to head to Sainsbury’s to do a quick shop for some food essentials and a rug.

Dinner – a cheese and egg omelette in a bagel

After arriving back at my flat, I said goodbye to my parents and sister before heading to play some card games with E, W and G. We wrote down when each others birthdays were on a chalkboard and made small conversation. We then headed to bed at around 22:30 so I finished some of my unpacking before heading to bed.

On Sunday the 19th of September, I woke up and made myself some breakfast. I started to set up my laptop and TV (which would act as my second monitor). I then went on a walk around campus to get some fresh air before walking back via the cannel. We then made lunch and chilled out.

Later in the afternoon I met with Z (someone I knew from primary school), we both walked together to a high street of shops to gather some extra items. It was nice to catch up after a few years of not seeing one another as well as being able to talk to someone more familiar.

After our walk, I headed back to my flat. I then went on the hunt to find the laundrette before heading to grab free pizza and talk to new people who were in some of the flats around me. I then made some dinner before watching some Netflix with E.

Back 2 School

Hi blog, it’s Blue here to let you know what 84 has been up to. Today is a very weird yet exciting day as Sis84 heads back to school for year 11! – I’m sure when I met her, she was only starting year 9. 84 has been telling me how scary it is that she has finished Sixth Form and will be heading off to university later this month to study Mathematics and Computer Science.

This summer has been very busy for 84 as she has slowly been packing for University, has started a new job over the summer and took a well earned break after there chaotic two years of Sixth Form during the pandemic. On the 10th of August she got her ALevel results and 84 was very pleased with them, she got into the university of her choice which is still fairly local to home but far enough away to live in university flats for her first year. I look forward to joining the SSAGOS unit and maybe even joining a local Beaver group as a leader (well 84 as the leader not me)!

What does the Fleur De Lis mean to me?

The following blog has been sitting in my drafts for a few years now. I still agree with what I have written so it is as below.

The three leaves of the trefoil represent the threefold Scout Promise – Duty to God and Country, Duty to Self and Duty to Others. To me they also represent the 3 sections of Scouting I have already been through – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

The two small five-point stars stand for truth and knowledge but to me they also represent the two hours of volunteering I participate weekly.

The reef knot represents the strength of World Scouting but to me this also represents badge work such as the pioneering badge where I first learnt all of my knots.

The rope around the Fleur De-Lis represents units but to me it also represents the beginning and ends of the meetings where we face the flag and perform flag break.

The ring holding the petals together represents the bonds of brotherhood and so to me it represents my Scouting family. Hence all the friends I have made and met through Scouting.

Simple views but with my own personal connotations. What does the Fleur de Lis mean to you? let me know in the comments below.

What happened in history on the 23rd May

I am interested in seeing what happened in history on the 23rd May so here is my timeline.

In 1934, Bonnie and Clyde were killed by Texas Rangers.

In 1785, Benjamin Franklin announced his invention of bifocals which are used for people who struggle to focus on near and distant objects.

In 2008, the Union of South American Nations constitutive treaty was signed.

In 1618, the Thirty Year War started.

In 1915, Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary.

In 1701, the famous Scottish pirate Captain William Kid was executed.

Hi again

Hello blog, recently I have not been very active with my blog due to being back at school (in real life) rather than on online school. This has meant that I have been very busy, especially getting back into the school routine, as well as preparing for exams. Hopefully, by the end of May, I should be back to blogging weekly as I should be finished with school for the Summer.

snail shield

On Monday the 19th of April 2021, we had our first Beavers meeting outside in over a year after being on Zoom since March 2020. This was really enjoyable and the Beavers seemed to enjoy the evening playing games, sat at a safe distance apart, as well as learning about the patron saint of Scouting, St. George. We played games such as Splat, Heads and Tails and Simon Says before finishing the evening by designing our own shields – which mine had a snail on.

Census 2021

Today’s in England and Wales the census was to be filled out. This was to be completed by all households in order to help future decisions being made being beneficial for the future community such as the organising, planning, funding for transport, education and healthcare. The last census was completed in 2011 and is completed every 10 years on the 21st of March – including this year during the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual Games

Today’s blog post will be discussing different games you can play via. Zoom or any other online Scouting meeting. These are different games I have played with Beavers however, they could be played with any age group.

The bean game:

The leader or young leaders call out different types of beans and the young people will act them out once called. You can call out more than one beans so they act two or more at the same time. The different beans are as follows:

Runner bean – run on the spot

Jelly bean – wave arms like a jelly fish

Broad bean– stand with arms out in a star position

String bean – stand with arms up in air long

Jumping bean – jump up and down

Baked bean – crouch down in a ball

Beans on toast – lie on floor with arms out

French bean – say ‘oo la la

Mr Bean – say ‘where’s my teddy

Finally, you can combine different actions together such as jelly bean and French bean.

Simon said:

Use your Leaders name and play Simon said. For example, my Beaver name is Snail so if I say ‘Snail said clap your hands’ and the young people will follow and copy. However, if I say ‘stop’ then the young people will continue clapping as I/ the leader did not say “Snail said”


This game uses the North as pointing your fingers up, East as right, South as down and West as left. You can also incorporate different ‘pirate’ actions including:

Scrub the deck – kneel down and pretend to scrub the floor

Climb the riggin‘ – move arms up and down as if you are climbing up a ladder

Captains coming – salute and stand to attention

Crocodile – snap your arms in front of you like a crocodile making a snapping noise

Life boats of *insert number here* – hold the number on your hand using your fingers i.e. lifeboats of 3, you will hold 3 fingers up

Walk the plank – lie on the floor off camera

Shark attack – pretend to have a fin and become a shark

True or false:

For this game, you will say different facts and the young people will decide if they believe they are true or false. If the young people believe they are trues, they will put their thumbs up and if they believe the fact is false, they will put their thumbs down. You can vary the facts and questions to make them more difficult for older groups.

Alphabet game:

For this game, you go around the young people asking them to name something beginning with A. The next young person will say the previous A word and add a word beginning with B. This can be done with a theme such as animals, household objects or even items you would take camping.

If you have any games which I have not mentioned feel free to comment them on this post!

How to make the perfect cup of tea

Howdy Blue here,

84’s been a busy 🐝 recently, so I’ve takeover the reins again.

84 has told me that if I’m doing a take over I have to blog about something useful. Well I nearly said phhhh to that but then I had an idea – I’m going to share with you how I make the perfect cup of tea.

Apologies in advance if I miss a few steps but I’m only a little bear. 🐻

Step one: Fill the kettle with water and turn on the kettle.

Step two: While waiting for the water to boil, get a mug and place a tea bag in it.

Step three: Now here’s the shocker place your desired amount of milk into the mug.

Step four: When the water has boiled, pour it into the mug.

Step five: Leave the tea to brew for a few minutes

Step six: Stir the tea to see how strong it is – check the colour I like mine strong so leave the teabag in for a while.

Step seven: When the tea is the desired strength remove the teabag

Step eight: Leave to cool for a short time – nobody likes a burnt tongue.

Finally enjoy the perfect cup of tea.

84 facts about 84 – 2nd edition

It has been 900 days since my previous 84 facts about 84 post so I thought I would update it. Some of the facts are new and others have been updated.

  1. My name is Hannah
  2. I’m taking my ALevels this year
  3. I am currently in online school
  4. I go to a small mixed Sixth Form
  5. I’m taking 3 ALevels in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
  6. I took an EPQ project (which is the extended project qualification and the step higher to the HPQ)
  7. My favourite subject is still Maths
  8. I dance frequently
  9. I started dancing at the age of 3
  10. I currently take Contemporary dance lessons and sometimes will take a Ballet class
  11. I started Scouting at the age of 6
  12. I was the only girl in my Beaver colony
  13. I’m now a Beaver young leader
  14. My Beaver young leader name is Snail
  15. I went to a different troop for Cubs and Scouts than I did for Beavers
  16. I was a Rainbow
  17. I was a Brownie
  18. My Mum is a Rainbow leader
  19. My Dad was a Cub
  20. My Nan was a Brown Owl
  21. My Great Grandma was an Akela with Cubs
  22. My Aunt was a Guide leader and a Ranger leader
  23. I’ve been to Brownsea Island
  24. I’ve been to Australia
  25. I’ve been to Singapore (if a flight change over counts)
  26. I’ve been to America
  27. I’ve been to France
  28. I’ve been to Wales
  29. I’ve been to Germany
  30. I’ve been to Belgium
  31. I’ve been to Canada *this is new*
  32. I’ve been to Poland *this is also new*
  33. I can understand 2 languages – Python (a coding language) and English
  34. I know a bit of German and French
  35. In binary 84 is 01010100
  36. My ‘new kitten’ is now 2 and is called Rufus
  37. I have two more cats which are Rufus’ sisters
  38. They are called Twiglet and Hallie
  39. Cats are still better than dogs
  40. I love hoodies, cardigans and slipper
  41. My favourite colours vary between blue, grey and purple
  42. My favourite TV show is The Flash
  43. I have still never seen all the Harry Potter movies
  44. I presume fence posts are hard to hammer in
  45. I’m left handed meaning that I am part of the 10% of the population which aren’t right handed or ambidextrous
  46. I spent the last Friday at home due to being in a national lockdown
  47. I love to read
  48. I’m on my 48th fact – backwards 84
  49. My favourite book series at the moment is the ‘Red Queen series’
  50. I have 16 cousins with three sets of twins
  51. I like to tell jokes
  52. My favourite dish is lasagne with garlic bread
  53. Wasps are the worse insect and so I despise them, they are evil
  54. I’ve been stung twice by wasps after staying calm
  55. I have my own domain name
  56. My favourite Nintendo Switch game is Animal Crossing New Horizons
  57. I use the following to often: : ) : D : P
  58. I’ve got the same size feet as both my Mum and my Sister
  59. The year 2087 is when I’ll turn 84
  60. My favourite superheroes are all DC
  61. I’ve started a thought journal in December 2020 and am still writing in it
  62. I’ve got my Bronze DofE
  63. My sister is annoying
  64. 64 zoo lane
  65. My go to outfit is usually a striped top with jeans
  66. I know the whole of the phonetic alphabet
  67. Pepsi Max is nicer than coke zero
  68. I own a Vaude tent
  69. Mint choc chip ice-cream is the best
  70. I’m learning my flags
  71. I have a west country accent (but I don’t come from there)
  72. My favourite kids’ TV programme was Charlie and Lola
  73. My music taste at the moment consists of Lemon Demon, Mother Mother and AJR
  74. I have green greyish eye which change colour depending on the clothing I am wearing or the lighting
  75. I enjoy embroidery
  76. I miss camping
  77. Stripy tops >> Spotty tops
  78. I love marmite and cheese on toast
  79. I love marmite and cheese with pasta
  80. I love marmite and cheese in a toasty
  81. Grilled cheese and cheese toasties are both amazing
  82. Dinosaurs and Space are awesome
  83. My favourite movie is the Karate Kid with Cobra Kai the series also being an awesome show
  84. This is my 84th fact : )

Founders Day

Happy Founders day to all of my Scouting friends or World Thinking day for all Guides. Today marks the 164th anniversary of the birth of the founder of Scouting, Lord Robert Baden Powell.

In today’s Beaver meeting we held a quiz to discuss the history of Scouting as well as had a few Beaver investitures. We retold our promise and played a few games.